Child Free & Loose in London

It’s not very often myself and Mr A get a day without the girls so we try to pack in as much as possible.

We boarded the 09.39 train from Retford to London Kings Cross armed with a volcanic Costa and a bag of minstrels to share (we know how to live the high life!)

First port of call was the V&A, very excited about visiting the Frida Kahlo “Making Her Self Up” exhibition. It’s on until Sunday 4th November.

Just time for a quick selfie in the glass outside the V&A before we went in

Armed with my flower headband (a little nod to frida) we shuffled in a line though the entrance to the exhibition.

WOW!!!!…. Photographs, letters and drawings, orthopaedic corsets together with paintings and of course distinctive blouses, skirts and shawls. A stunning curation that is a must see, came away feeling totally inspired and full of girl power!. I could talk about if for hours but;

1. I’d bore you rigid

2. Don’t want to spoil it for those still to visit

Quick stopover in Covent Garden for a swift Refreshment and a little retail!.

Back on the tube to

Columbia road is where you’ll find the very beautiful and talented Jessie Chorley and her Magical shop, another must visit to add to your list

A spot of street stitching

Jessie is back at Hope & Elvis in 2019, keep an eye out as Jessie Visit next year is going to be a little bit different (Oooooo exciting)

Just enough time left for a quick dinner before heading home

Thanks Frida, Jessie & Mr A

I write little notes in my book made by Sam (available to buy at H&E) they mostly involve a swear word so I apologise in advance

Bye for now ….. Louise xxxx