Blogging Nora!

I take my hat off (and everything else for that matter) to all the amazing bloggers out there!

Completely underestimated what goes into planning a post, keeping it relevant, interesting and basically not shit.

Getting stuff out of my head via my gob comes perfectly naturally to me, out of my head and onto a keyboard is a whole different ball game and I’m not afraid to tell you it’s a little scary.

So I’ve got a new plan……

Firstly I’m going to send out a monthly News letter. You can receive this by subscribing via the website , it’s at the bottom of the home page. This will have workshop availability updates, news of new artists and makers and any up coming events

Then to tackle this blog, This is where I will share all the other goings on at Hope & Elvis and some other random stuff I’m sure!

Aiming to blog fortnightly on a Friday starting 12th Oct (not aiming, I WILL)

So I’m off to write interesting and informative stuff (after a cuppa)

See you on the 12th , I will leave you with images of a tidy Hope & Elvis HQ

Louise x