Magie’s Carrot Cake @ Hope & Elvis

Happy Friday to you all…

This weeks I’ve handed over the blog to Magie Hollingworth aka marvellous, mega Magie!

Magie plays a crucial part in making a workshop at Hope & Elvis a truly wonderful experience, not only is Magie a very talented Artist but the food Magie cooks is a masterpiece in both looks and taste.

A firm favourite is Carrot Cake, this recipe was given to Magie some 30 years ago via a friend (original source unknown)

I will warn you, some readers may find the following deliciously disturbing!!!!

A word from Magie

Of all the carrot cakes I’ve sampled over the years this one is my absolute favourite.

It’s dark, moist and not overly sweet. I’ve never found the nuts essential as it’s great without, and they are an added expense, but if you like nuts then do use. The combination of cake and cream cheese topping is beautiful and the amounts given when increasing the recipe ensures a good balance.

I’m sure the cake will keep for a week in the fridge, but actually it’s never lasted more than a couple of days! Yum!!!

Freezes well, even with the topping (open freeze then wrap, or freeze in the tin), but suggest adding any final decoration, fruit etc. after it has thawed and on the day of use.

I’m sure it’ll become your favourite too as it can be an everyday cake or, with a little imagination, a real show stopper! and liked by all ages.

Here comes the Recipe!!

 6 fl oz. corn oil

6oz dark brown sugar

3 large eggs

1 teasp. vanilla extract

8oz grated carrot

6oz wholemeal self-raising flour

1 teasp. Bicarbonate of soda

1 teasp. Baking powder

1 teasp. Ground cinnamon – mix all dry ingredients together

Pinch of salt

4oz walnut pieces (optional) – and I don’t use nuts


Whisk eggs and sugar until pale, thick and creamy.

Add the oil, vanilla and all dry ingredients- beat again to combine.

Beat in the grated carrot.

Pour into a 22cm spring form tin, bottom lined with baking parchment, sides oiled and flour dusted

Bake for approx.1hr @ 160 Fan – Check on it as ovens vary. Leave to cool in the tin.

Topping –

41/2oz full fat cream cheese

3oz butter, just melted. Don’t let it frazzle! I use the microwave.

3/4 teasp vanilla extract

6oz icing sugar

Whisk butter and cream cheese until blended then add sugar & vanilla ess. Beat until thick, pale and creamy. Spread over cake whilst still in the tin. Smooth or fork, then leave to set in the fridge.

Notes –You do need an electric whisk (I have a Kitchen aid stand mixer but a hand whisk will do). Leave the cake in the tin and ice the top. Make sure it is spread right to the edges, filling the cake shrinkage gap. Before turning out run a knife around the edge to ‘cut’ the filling loose from the sides of the tin. I usually decorate with finely grated chocolate but anything goes!

For a large cake use a 27cm spring form tin and 1 ½  times the cake mix but use 5 eggs -3 lg & 2 med Double the topping.

For a tray bake (I use the Mary Berry tin 9” x 12”) use 1 1/3 amount cake mix + double topping. Line with baking parchment along the bottom and up and over the narrow ends of the tin so you can lift out

HUGE thank you to Magie for taking the time to share the recipe, I’m off you super market to buy ingredients!

Lots of amazing Artist & Makers joining us in 2019, go take a look and come and sample mega Magie’s lunch.. Workshops at Hope &Elvis

Speak soon

Louise & Magie x