Bit of this, Bit of That!


Hope you enjoyed Magie’s carrot cake post……. have you made it yet? Don’t forget to share any pics as I love to see your makes, you can use the hashtag #hopeandelvisfinished or tag me in on your posts.

Magie has kindly offered to share more delicious recipes so keep an eye out on future posts

So, what’s happening at H&E HQ, well it’s all a bit busy at the moment, November 10th see’s more workshops go on sale via the website. These include;

Jo Waterhouse. Cath Ray. Richard McVetis. Emily Jo Gibbs. Jessie Chorley. Claire Wellesley Smith. Matthew Harris. Leah Halliday. Anne Kelly. Elizabeth Shorrocks

Bloody Fantastic Line Up (if I do say so myself!)

November is our Open Studio event as part of the Welbeck Winter Weekendit’s well worth a visit, it includes a food market with 30 artisan food stalls and an art marquee featuring 75 artists and makers, the icing on the cake is that all the Harley Studios are open to showcase what an amazing bunch we are! Come along to say hello, would love to see you, nearly forgot to tell you it’s the 23rd-25th November.

Last weekend I managed to escape to London again as I was desperate to see the Anni Albers exhibition at the Tate

Myself and Mr.A left a chilly Retford station wrapped up for Autumn, Jeez that was a mistake! Wool tights, vest, Jumper & a coat was way too many layers! Boiling-Ada! Anyway hot and a little red faced we made it to the exhibition…. Wow it was ace!!! If you get chance go see it, I actually didn’t want to leave,

I will leave you with a few of my fav’s from the exhibition …. speak soon, Louise x