New Year, New Apology

Saying sorry for the lack of posts is becoming a habit, that stops now!

I’ve not made any New Year resolutions as I believe they are easy to ignore and usually last about 3 days, so this year I’ve jut decided to sort my shit out!

So first on the list is ‘get organised’ at this point Emma (admin queen) is doing a happy dance I’m sure & Mr A is thanking a higher power, I’m not dis-organised on purpose it’s just not something that comes naturally and to be honest I’ve managed 40 years without major incident but for the sanity of the others around me and for the sake of Hope & Elvis I’m going to try really hard…. New note book, new me (any excuse for more stationary 😉)zip note book from anthropology, ring note book from pop press

Second and last thing on the list (small steps and all that!); I love shoes, especially trainers, not the exercise kind ooooo No! They have a thick layer of dust and quite possibly house cobwebs. I see my husband full of energy when he returns from his daily 5a.m run (yes he’s one of those daily a.m runners 🤢) he’s filled with positive endorphins, and that’s what I’m looking for, so I’m going to exchange my cup of tea, biscuit and catch up on Instagram for water, sports bra and potentially a paramedic! I’ll let you know how it goes.

So over in H&E world, which I have missed massively over the Christmas period it’s January sort out, a good tidy and maybe a furniture move around ready for the workshop year ahead.

First up in 2019 is the mega Jo Waterhouse on the 2nd February. If your not aware of Jo’s work go check her out on Instagram @jowaterhouse her collage work is superb and she’s a pretty amazing human. A workshop not to be missed if you can make it.

I’m still adding to workshops for 2019 so keep an eye out, it’s shaping up to be an epic year.

Don’t forget to talk to me! I love to hear from you, I’m always around on social media or at the other end of an email for a chat.

So until next time (which I promise won’t be long)

Bye for now …… Louise x