Workshop With Elizabeth Shorrock

Hi, I’m back!

I’m giving my blog much more attention (as i have completely ignored it 😳).

I think the best idea is to share with you the shenanigans of workshop days, so here it goes……..

Welcome to H&E Elizabeth Shorrock

Elizabeth is a mixed media Artist specialising in the creation of handmade books and the art of paper folding.

Elizabeth travelled to Hope & Elvis with her husband Keith (also an artist working with wood) from the beautiful Lake District where she lives and finds inspiration for her work.

Elizabeth had a pretty standard storage box which turned out to be the Mary Poppins of storage boxes!! A HUGE collection of the most beautiful examples of folded books , stitched books, amazing sculptural pieces that were truly stunning.

A few of my favourites

On day 1 Elizabeth had us straight to work and even before lunch we had produced a pretty comprehensive range of samples complete with concertina book to keep them in. After lunch by Mega Magie we extended what we had learnt in the morning to produce a piece of work, this is when the most beautiful papers appeared, papers that had been saved as to precious to use, but now seemed like the perfect time. Lots of oooooooo’s and arrrrrrrr’s. The most difficult decision was which one of the incredible techniques to use!

The sample books are works of art by themselves

Day 2….. Who Knew!

Bloody hell! I had no idea of how many different folds/ways of creating books, every one we did became my new favourite. I love how everyone’s interpretation is so unique. Fantastic results from a wonderful group of women.

Elizabeth was such a generous tutor, sharing her extensive knowledge and was always on hand with encouragement when our mountains and valleys went tits up! (Technical term)

Thank you everyone who attended, you were ace. keep an eye out as 🤞🏻 Elizabeth will be back in 2020

Next workshop is mixed media wall hangings with Emily Notman still time to Join us

I will leave you now with a few images from the workshop

Until next time , Louise xxx