Assemblage with Ann Povey – 7th July 2024

Ann Povey completed a BA in Contemporary Crafts in 1999 and then started working for the University of Lincoln as Senior Technician for glass, ceramics and metalwork in 2000. While there she gained an MA in Design Crafts. She retired from the University in 2018 and now works full time in her garden studio in a small Lincolnshire village.

Ann uses found objects alongside her ceramics and metalwork practice. She creates utensils, mostly spoons, and vessels using her childhood memories as inspiration. The found objects she uses with the metal and clay, small and often insignificant, are the physical aspect of these memories.

Ann has learnt not to disregard simple emotions and not to discard simple objects; all have a place and a story to tell.

Ann sells her work through galleries and fairs regularly and exhibits nationally.

This workshop is perfect for those who love and collect lost and found interesting objects. Objects that have very little use on their own and very little value, other than sentimental. By constructing an assemblage the objects become Art, this happens when the maker/artist uses their imaginations and learnt skills to join the objects into a piece that speaks to the maker and the viewer, hopefully prompt ing an emotional response.

We will construct a three-dimensional assemblage composition, made from recycled and salvaged materials. These can be personal to you or have a meaning, such as time, seasonal, political, nostalgic or family memories.

Starting with a “canvas” for your piece; this can be an old chopping board, lovely piece of rescued driftwood, a small drawer, or a found piece of wood. It’s best to use wood as it is easy to drill to add pieces, should you need to. It is intended that we add to this background using your objects, colour, old postcards, text and literature, fabric etc. You can build on top, on the sides, the front, of course, and the back if it is a standing piece, or we can fix a wall hanging fixture to it.

We can then make a small copper tag stamped with the pieces’ title/name.

During the process you will learn different fixing techniques, have use of a small bench drill, various hand tools and some materials. It is best that you start collecting together objects that you don’t mind drilling into, screwing together, cutting or gluing.

One day workshop
7th July 2024 10-4.30

Please bring your lunch or alternatively visit one of the 2 cafes on site or the award winning farm shop.