Between the folds- mark, fold and manipulate with Caroline Bartlett -1st , 2nd & 3rd October 21

Between the folds- mark, fold and manipulate

About Caroline Bartlett

As well as in Europe and the UK, Caroline has exhibited in Australia, Japan, Uruguay, China and the USA. Examples of work can be seen in various public collections including those of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Whitworth Art Gallery and the Crafts Council. She is a member of the 62 Group. Caroline’s work has included site specific commissions and responses to historic locations, museum collections, archives and encyclopedias.
Whilst textiles provide the means and materials to process and articulate ideas in her practice, they may also become a reference point in relation to content through their historical, social and cultural associations, their significance in relation to touch and their ability to trigger memory. Imprinting, stitching, erasing and reworking, folding and unfolding are defining characteristics, whilst explorations have also resulted in works which integrate textiles with other media such as porcelain.


Between the folds- mark, fold and manipulate
Explore structure, surface and form through manipulating both paper (as maquette and as a mould) and fabric. Transform, shape and structure cloth through pleating and folding, stitching and binding drawing on shibori, smocking and origami techniques, giving cloth a memory through heat setting. Enhance form and surface through waxing, marking and selective colouring. Draw on the behavioral properties of different fabrics to create experimental pieces.
This explorative course encourages an experimental approach through sampling, and both a practical and conceptual response to the word ’fold’ providing the opportunity to begin to take techniques and ideas in your own direction. For example, ‘What happens when cloth is folded and how might this embody an idea or metaphor?’
The course is suitable for all levels.
We will cover
• Pleating and folding techniques as a means to shape and structure
• How to make and use an origami mould
• How to heat set fabrics using steam
• Simple colouration and mark making processes to enhance form
• Developing more conceptual ideas in response to the idea of a fold

£275, 3 day workshop 10-4.30, includes materials, 2 course lunch & refreshments

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