How Hope & Elvis has adapted to Covid

Covid Safe at Hope & Elvis

The studio will have been thoroughly cleaned beforehand and surfaces and handles will be cleaned throughout the day.
The amount of students has been lowered to enable everyone to have a large working area with plenty of social distance.
At each work station there will be a create with basic materials i.e. scissors, needles etc.
As we gather as a group to listen & watch demonstrations everyone will wear a visor (provided) these will not be necessary while at your own workstation
Any shared equipment for instance sewing machines, heat guns etc will be wiped between use and gloves will be provided if you prefer

Lunch will be provided by the lovely Magie who will have prepared food in appropriate PPE and lunch will be eaten either at your work station or outside in the courtyard weather permitting
As usual Ruth will be on hand with refreshments throughout the day and again gloves and a visor will be worn by Ruth at all time

There will be plenty of soap and sanitiser gel dotted around the studio
There is Dettol spray for the loo area and I also have disposable loo seats to use if you wish

if you would like to discuss any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or call 07813 979555

although everything has been done to ensure your safety, the decision & risk to attend a workshop is left with the participant.

All bookings are subject to our Workshop Booking Terms and Conditions