Layers, Lines and Images: Improvised Book forms with Cas Holmes – 25th & 26th April 2022

Layers, Lines and Images: Improvised Book forms with Cat Holmes - 25th & 26th April 2022

Cas Homes studied in Fine Art, Maidstone College of Art (UCA) in the eighties before a further study in Japanese art, textiles and paper making in Japan under a Japan Foundation Fellowship and a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship. S. Cas has also published work including; Textile Landscape, The Found Object in Textile Art, Stitch Stories, and Connected Cloth.


Layers, Lines and Images: Improvised Bookforms

Suitable for artists who enjoy taking time for experimental discovery, guided by Cas who enjoys introducing the serendipity of found materials into the art-making process.


What is the workshop / course about?

Artists always make reference to other images and narrative. You will use pages form and an old book, maps and found printed materials as a starting point to create a new work. The materials, text and references you decide to use will direct the content and processes used from layering and cutting techniques through to stitch, dye and print.  This is not a book-binding course.

During this workshop, you will make small personal works with narrative, meaning and humour. Low-tech methods will transform raw materials and found objects into textile art. Simple drawings staining and colouring of pages, cutting, pasting, stitching and collage will be our primary tactics to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

On the first day: We will look at rubbing, staining and mark making, on paper using drawing/painting media and stitch. Reference will be made to paper lamination layering of paper with found materials and fabric using techniques adapted from Japanese screen making and paper crafts. As you work you will look at the references to text and other images you have collected. and consider how you may want to place them together.

On the second day.Look at ways of working with the papers and samples produced to date focusing on use of the use of text/image to inform the stitch/mark. Ways of joining pieces together building towards textured and sculpturalfoldingsurfaces


£180, 2 day workshop includes all materials and 2 course lunch 10am-4pm

this workshop can be combined with the 'Cloth & Shadows'

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