“Whatever Wednesdays”

As the title suggests, these sessions are a day to do whatever, a day for you.

Bring along something you are working on or that piece of work you started and is now in a drawer somewhere waiting to be finished (and lets be honest we all have a few of those!)

Between 10am & 3pm, the wonderfully inspiring Hope & Elvis studio is at your disposal! As always refreshment and a sweet treat is on hand, you will however need to bring lunch or you could always nip up to the farm shop or treat yourself to lunch at the Harley Cafe.

A day to relax and be creative with likeminded people without the distractions of home (e.g washing, cleaning etc. etc. etc!!!!)

If you would like to come along please email louise@hopeandelvis.co.uk to check dates & reserve your place (payment on the day card/cash)

£20 per session (£10 if subscribed to annual WW; see below for details)

*******These sessions are un-tutored*******

Annual Whatever Wednesday Subscription

If WW are going to be a regular date for you then you can subscribe to a year for £50. This will reduce the cost from £20 per session to £10 per session. As well as this, I will let you know of any last minute tutor led workshop places at a reduced cost ..... subscription places are limited.

All the above dates are subject to change