You'll find the Hope & Elvis studio a wonderfully inspirational place to while away some time creatively. Enjoy a break from your routine at one of our art or textile workshops in a large studio on the North Nottinghamshire Welbeck Estate, nestled in Sherwood Forest. Many students have been visiting for years and continue to find inspiration and friendship here.

I'm Wend, known in the textiles world as 'Ticking Stripes'! I have been coming to Hope & Elvis for well over a decade, when founder Louise Presley was running it as an internationally renowned provider of contemporary experiences with leading arts and craft practitioners.

In 2017 Louise decided to re-establish her art business and sold the business to Louise Asher. Louise (2) has nurtured and nourished it in her own style through the last 5 years while continuing to invite exciting artists to share their skills and passions with all who attended. Despite being thrown a curve ball by Covid 19 she managed to steer a course through uncharted territory and into the new normal we have now. She's now moved on to pastures new, and I'm thrilled to be running the studio now.

I hope to continue with my own artistic journey while facilitating and enhancing the creative experience of those who come to bask in the delights of Hope and Elvis Creative Studio, "my happy place". And, who knows, you may even find some of my vintage textiles to enhance your next project!