Whats going on!


All my blog posts start with an apology and this one is no different


I really want to be good at “blogging” so going forward I’m gonna try extra hard!

So I just want to let you know what’s been going on at the studio in the last year or so.
Way back in 2019 when the world was pretty normal I decided that I was going to give H&E a little TLC

* A new kitchen area (always wanted a counter!)
* New layout and tables to allow more personal working space
* A coat of fresh paint
* Good sort out

throughout Jan/fab 20 with the help of my husband Chris , my 2 dads , mum and slight help/hindrance of the girls, we managed to get the everything on the Wishlist done.

little did we know that the world would change and everything was thrown into the unknown!

The studio turned into a mask making station, school , roller skating rink and a place to escape.

A year on and fingers, toes and everything else crossed H&E will get back to its primary function of being the magical hub of creativity, filled with inspiration , amazing people (that’s you) and not forgetting the most delicious lunches by Magie!

The studio needed that extra something to welcome you all back…….

H&E friend the wonderful Reggie Pugh knew exactly just how to do this, in true super hero style(minus the Phonebox!) when the orange jumpsuit goes on Reggie is


turning the forgotten windows of West Bridgeford & Beyond into magnificent
works of art ….. I am very excited about this and am rubbish at waiting to give you the big reveal so below are pics so far.


The WEBSITE is up to date with Workshops for 2021, as always let me know if you have any questions or queries

right I’m off now, will defo be back soon in the meantime take a look at the website and give Reggie a follow on instagram to see her amazing work @windowwomanrp

Louise xxxx