Found Object Sculptures with Ann Povey 10 June 2023


The Artist

Ann Povey completed a BA in Contemporary Crafts in 1999 and then started working for the University of Lincoln as Senior Technician for glass, ceramics and metalwork in 2000. While there she  gained an MA in Design Crafts. She retired form the University in 2018 and now works full time in her garden studio in a small Lincolnshire village.

Ann uses found objects alongside her ceramics and metalwork practice. She creates utensils, mostly spoons, and vessels using her childhood memories as inspiration. The found objects she uses with the metal and clay, small and often insignificant, are the physical aspect of these memories.

Ann has learnt not to disregard simple emotions and not to discard simple objects; all have a place and a story to tell.

Ann sells her work through galleries and fairs regularly and exhibits nationally

The workshop

Most of us have a number of objects we have no idea why we have kept them and little idea what to do with them but can’t let them go.

If you have a collection of these “useful” objects and feel they deserve better than a box under the stairs, then this workshop is for you.

The workshop is designed  for you to create a little character or family of characters from your treasure.

It is preferable that you supply as many of your own objects as possible but there will also be some supplies in the studio. Be prepared to have to possibly drill into them, cut or saw them and add different items together using a variety of connections.

As well as creating your characters you could name them, give them a personality and a story. We can create small books to record this information, adding text, tiny items and images.

Ann will bring a small bench drill, a selection of hand tools, saws, some materials, ways to connect items together, metal labels and equipment to make small name tags.

At the end of the workshop it is expected that you will have made a character or number of characters, a tiny book and name tags for your characters.

These little characters are a great way to use your “hoard” of found objects, its fun and you will be encouraged to experiment with different connections and various ways to create your little character

1 day workshop - 10 June 2023
10 - 4.30
£95 includes all materials & refreshments - please bring along lunch or alternatively visit one of the two cafes on site or the award winning farm shop