Piecing and Patching: Creating Cloth for Slow Clothing with Liz Hands 2 and 3 September 2023


About Liz Hands

Liz Hands is an award winning quiltmaker and teacher based in Lincolnshire.

"As a largely self-taught embroiderer and dressmaker, I seek out the simplest garments and easiest techniques, and trust me, there is no simpler garment than this one seam coat. I love repurposing vintage and thrifted fabrics, unpicking garments to reclaim the fabric and finding treasures in charity shops. The fabric that I make from these cast off scraps is not only unique but the original work and skill that created them lives on in the new garment.

The effort involved in growing, harvesting, processing and weaving cloth is huge. It is costly, time consuming and environmentally damaging. Fast fashion has completely severed us from this work, rendering fabric and clothing almost valueless. Making clothes from textile treasures I have rescued and sewn is an intentional act of creativity and peaceful work. The clothes I have stitched and patched are precious to me because of the time and effort invested in them. They are like friends and I wear them when I most need to feel like myself."

2 day workshop

Students will make a very simple one seam garment. This can be a coat, jacket or top. It can be lined or single layer. Collars are optional but not difficult. You may sew fabrics together to create a piece large enough to make your garment, or you may work with one big piece. We will cover seam and edge finishes as well as pockets and simple collars.

You will need 2-3m of fabric in total. This could be a wool blanket, a vintage linen sheet, deconstructed jeans or other clothing, sheets, pillow cases, or table cloths. The fabrics you want to combine should be of a similar weight and type. You will need to bring the bulk of fabric yourself but other bits will be available at the workshop. If in doubt bring everything!

Please bring a sewing machine.

£180 - 2days 10 - 4.30

includes  refreshments - please bring along lunch or alternatively visit one of the two cafes on site or the award winning farm shop.