Wire Work with Helaina Sharpley 2nd July 2022

Helaina Sharpley, wire artist. Photography by Joanne Crawford

Helaina Sharpley, wire artist. Photography by Joanne Crawford

Wire Work with Helaina Sharpley


Helaina is a designer maker, based in West Yorkshire, creating 2D and 3D wirework. Her work is inspired for her love of tea and the rituals around tea drinking and is rooted in the elegance of the past, particularly the Edwardian era.

Using old sepia photographs she creates pen and ink drawings that are translated into small and large-scale wire drawings, crossing the boundaries between drawing and sculpture. As a professional maker her practice is widely supported and David Hockney owns two of her pieces!

This is an exciting opportunity to learn how to work with wire and create a piece of work that has a personal resonance which could be inspired by a building, landscape or even a tea pot and cup. Helaina will be on hand to support you through the drawing process but she has already ok’d the use of tracing paper..phew. Your drawing would become the template for the wirework and if don’t spend too much time chattering you should be able to attach your work to a board ready for hanging!

1 day workshop
10 - 4.30

includes all materials & refreshments - please bring along lunch or alternatively visit one of the two Cafes on site as well as an award winning farm shop.

photo credits to Jo Crawford