Wreath making with Jane Bevan – 4 December 2022

About artist Jane Bevan:

Jane uses only natural materials in her artwork which she forages on her daily dog walks from her home in South Derbyshire. The materials may be bark, feathers, leaves or seeds, but no matter what, all can be used in some way to create collage, sculpture and wreaths for the home. The techniques used of stitching, tying, binding and general assembly may be simple and traditional, but when applied to new materials bring up lots of possibilities and surprises!
Participants are encouraged to look closely at the detail of the materials and to connect with nature in a mindful and inquisitive way. Jane runs workshops in galleries and from her studio but also in healthcare settings such as hospitals and day centres, where the intimate connection with nature has a powerful and healing impact.


Christmas is a glorious time to decorate our homes, especially with decorations we make ourselves! Give yourself a festive treat and learn how to transform a range of natural materials into beautiful wreaths and rustic décor.
Join artist Jane Bevan, who uses natural materials in her artwork which she forages on her daily dog walks from her home in South Derbyshire to create collage, sculpture and wreaths.
This one-day workshop will start with a short introductory walk to collect materials locally. These will be added to provided materials and any you bring yourself, like ivy, bracken, feathers, grass, dried flowers and garden foliage.
After making a simple willow base, you will wire the carefully selected bunches of materials using contemporary and innovative floristry ideas such as tying, stitching and binding.

There are 3 options for this workshop

If you take the full day option you will create up to two wreaths plus small decorations for the home.

There are also half day options where you will make one wreath plus small decorations if you have time.

Mince pies and prosecco will add to the atmosphere and anticipation for the festive period to come.


4th December

Full day option 10am - 4.30pm £90

Half   day morning 10 am to 1 pm £45

Half day afternoon 1.30 to 4.30 £45