Wet Felted Art scarf with Eve Marshall 7th September 2024

The Artist

Eve is a Lincolnshire based Felt Artist and has been working with wool for over 17 years. She uses a variety of wet and needle felting techniques to create her art, and is inspired by the countryside and her wacky brain. 

“I love exploring texture and colour when I am creating a piece, usually adding 50+ layers to each piece to achieve depth and realism.”

During the wet felting process Eve throws as much colour and texture at a piece that she can. Once dry she loves to embellish each piece with stitching, beads and needle felting. Her artwork is often reflections of nature and wildlife. She loves to take photos of her wanders and then recreates ideas from them using her palette of wools and silks.

The workshop

This workshop is to make a large wet felted art scarf/shawl/wrap (you choose!) filled with colour, texture and holes. I will teach you about the wool and textures before we begin. We start by laying out a thin layer of wool to plan the size and shape of the scarf, each student can choose a shape of their choice. Silk ribbons, dyed curls, threads and merino wool will be added to form the back of the shawl. More layers of fibre will be added to create strength. We'll stop for lunch and then a final layer will be laid for the front of the scarf with lots more textures. Once all the wool has been laid, we will pour hot soapy water and gently agitate the fibres together. The felting process takes about 20 mins and then we begin fulling the wool to shrink the fibres and add strength. Once the shawl has been fulled, it will be rinsed and pressed in a towel to take out the dampness. Your shawl can be taken home and you can embellish it to your heart's content or wear it once dry.

1 day workshop – 7th September 2024

10 - 4.30

£99 includes all materials & refreshments - please bring along lunch or alternatively visit one of the two Cafes on site as well as an award winning farm shop.