Altered and Repaired Garments and Objects with Jessie Chorley – 19th June 2022

Altered and Repaired Garments and Objects

About Jessie Chorley

Jessie Chorley is a London-based textile artist, specialising in embroidery and paper crafts. Born in Kent in 1980, she spent her childhood in North Wales, before moving to London to study for the BA in Fine Art Textile Practice at Goldsmiths College. While still a student, she chose to dedicate her life to making beautiful things by hand and, shortly after graduating, she set up her own business as a full-time designer and maker. Over time, she has also become an author, social artist and tutor, as well as running an independent shop/studio selling her work in East London from 2007 to 2021.
Jessie now delivers workshops internationally at venues that include the V&A Museum and The Foundling Museum, both in London, the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool and West Dean College, West Sussex. She also runs her private studio and workshop in South London.
Working processes:
Traditional hand embroidery, printmaking, collage and needle-turned appliqué techniques are at the heart of Jessie’s practice as an artist-maker. Needle and thread are her drawing tools. She uses them to create scenes and stories, combining stitched images and words, largely on pre-loved fabric and paper.

About the Workshop

The main focus of this workshop is to give new life to a pre-loved and worn item, as well as creating a beautiful, one-off memento, by using my style of mindful, delicate mending. We will explore several, signature stitch techniques of mine, including couching, running, stem, seed and back stitch. I will also help you get started with simple appliqué and patching.
I will direct you both as a group and individually, as I share with you how I celebrate and use pre-loved items and objects as my canvases, by working directly on and into them using my needle, threads and fabrics as drawing and mending tools.
The workshop will start with a short talk by me, Jessie. I will show and share with you a selection of my original artwork samples and there will be time for your questions. Hand stitched text will also be explored, as will traditional darning techniques.
As a participant in this workshop, it is vital that you bring with you a garment or fabric object that you have specially chosen to mend and embellish, such as a pre-loved item from your own wardrobe, or maybe some children’s or doll’s clothing, or a favourite worn cushion or other household item. Perhaps you have something that belonged to a beloved family member or friend tucked away? Note that you do not have to create something wearable. You may, for example, be inspired to make something similar to my sculptural, one-off artworks, which once complete can be framed and hung in your home.
I suggest bringing items made solely from natural fabrics, as they are easier to embellish using embroidery, mending and patching techniques.
At the start of this workshop you will be given a kit that includes several items to help you get started, including a selection of pre-cut fabric motifs, ready for you to appliqué directly on to your work.
I encourage you to enjoy this creative day without focusing too much on finishing your work. This workshop should be an explorative and peaceful, slow stitching experience, an opportunity to embrace and learn new techniques while being inspired by my original artworks and materials that surround you. Bring your sketchbook and make notes to help you complete your work, if you need to, after this event.

1 day workshop

includes all materials & refreshments - please bring along lunch or alternatively visit one of the two Cafes on site as well as an award winning farm shop.

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