everything all at once with Helen Hallows 27 April 2024


Helen Hallows is a restless landscape artist who wishes that every day could be spent making. Reluctant to limit herself, her art crosses genres and she works with paint, textiles, and more recently ceramics.

Known for her landscapes, these have moved towards abstraction where she enjoys the combinations of textures and marks to express the world. Working intuitively, the process has become the focus, dancing with the ‘what ifs’ and inviting in the accidental and unexpected.

The workshop

A mixed-media workshop that will combine paper, fabric, print and stitch to create a small collage presented on a vintage book jacket.

"In my mixed-media artwork I don’t like having to choose paper or fabric, print or stitch so I use everything all at once! In this one-day workshop you will get to try my techniques for painting fabric, adding stitch, and combing with paper and mark to make a small abstract landscape featuring a symbol of tree, bird or house. You will get to try two different print techniques on paper and cloth. Working intuitively with the samples you create you will be able to express the mood and details of the landscape."

To personalise your work you may wish to bring collected papers, especially vintage, that tell a story and fabric scraps – precious offcuts for possible repurposing.

One day workshop

Please bring your lunch or alternatively visit one of the 2 cafes on site or the award winning farm shop.