Introduction to natural dyes with Jacqui Symons of Slow Lane Studio 21 and 22 October 2023


Slow Lane Studio forages, cultivates and uses plants to create colour for textiles, paper, printmaking and pigments.

Created from a desire to be more environmentally-aware, buy and consume fewer products and generate less waste, Jacqui Symons began exploring natural colour and dyes and developed the use of plant-based pigments for oil-based printmaking inks.  From there she expanded into making her own watercolours, pastels, inks, screenprinting pastes and dry powdered pigments from plant sources.

In 2019, Jacqui trained under Jenny Dean to learn about the use of natural dyes with textiles and yarns, drawing on Jenny’s 40 years of experience in this field to develop further knowledge and understanding of this increasingly relevant and valuable industry.

Jacqui created Slow Lane Studio to provide resources, information, practical advice and workshops focusing on natural dyeing, plant-based pigments and plant-based artist colours. Alongside working on creative projects and commissions, she is developing a pigment garden and a plant pigment library as a reference and resource for other artists.

The Workshop

Learn the art of using plants and natural colour to dye fabrics and yarns with artist Jacqui Symons.  This two-day practical course will show you where to begin, which plants make great dyes, how to create a range of tones using colour modifiers and the techniques needed to get great results.

There will be a focus on using plants that are considered to be the most useful natural dyes and those that can be cultivated in the UK climate.  You will go home with a selection of samples from the weekend to get you started on your journey into the wonderful world of natural dyeing.

2 day workshop - 21 and 22 October  2023 10am - 4.30pm
£190 Includes most  materials & refreshments. Please bring along lunch or alternatively visit one of the two cafes on site or the award winning farm shop.