Natural Collection with Liz Cooksey 11 and 12 November 2023

The artis

"My works combine wire and thread to create intricate and delicate two dimensional and three-dimensional works reflecting observations of nature. The inspiration stems from the love natural forms in which I look for shapes, textures, colours, within what might be a hedge row or a motorway verge, recording the small and insignificant details that can be sometimes overlooked.
I live and work in Manchester where I studied Embroidery and went on to develop my own practise and teach textiles and fine art. Over the years my work has evolved and has become focused on the use of mixed media with a fascination for wire and crochet."

The workshop

Taking observations from nature such as texture, shape and colour, we will explore & experiment with an eclectic mix of media, materials and techniques.

Using fine hand dyed threads, fabric and wire we will make small exploration with wrapping and binding techniques using hand stitching as embellishment.

Paper & print will be explored in combination with simple wire shapes to give structure, using cut outs from printed papers to create shapes and patterns seen in the natural world.

These studies will be brought together to create a formal display suggestive of a nature table or botanical textbook layout.

2 day workshop 11 and 12 November 2023 .

£190 Includes all materials and refreshments. Please bring along lunch or visit one of the on-site cafes or the award winning farm shop