quilted collage with Maria Thomas 20th April 2024


Maria studied Embroidery at Manchester Polytechnic during the early 1990’s and has continued to practice and exhibit textiles ever since.   Her love of patchwork and quilting techniques combined with found objects and memories inspire her to create. Teaching and making textiles for over 30 years, she currently works at her home studio in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Maria’s textile art is all about mixing it up, she loves to salvage and is forever gathering up all sorts of redundant objects to use in her work.  Together with memories, found objects, fabric and daily ephemera she combines different weights of cloth, paper and objects in no particular order. She simply observes how the mixes of materials interrupt each other when side-by-side. Transforming her finds through textile collage, her approach is to compose and balance the visual imagery she finds. Making random patterns with recycled paper-wrappers and damaged household linens her work captures moments in time suggesting an intriguing everyday narrative. Calling herself an alternative quilter she uses the traditional methods of hand-patchwork and quilting. Making her textile art slowly and with much contemplation, with her finds as memory triggers, she rehouses and connects life together with collage and stitch.

Quilted collage -  A mixed media workshop exploring found textiles, collage, stitch and form.

Working with laminated paper and cloth you will learn Maria’s unique style of repurposing found ephemera into a quilted textile artifact. The day will begin with bonding materials together with fine layers of glue and paint, followed by collage and appliqué techniques to rearrange into a decorative collar or paper patchwork quilt. Some people prefer to bring their own sewing machine as they know its quirks!

1 day workshop
10 - 4.30

Includes materials & refreshments - please bring along lunch or alternatively visit one of the two Cafes on site as well as an award winning farm shop.