“Stitching Stories”with Sabine Kaner 16 & 17 November 2024 – Fully booked, please email to be added to waiting list


The Artist

Following her wonderful exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching show in November 2023 we are delighted that mixed media artist Sabine Kaner will be joining us at Hope and Elvis for a workshop packed with creativity. If you enjoy mixed media textiles this workshop is perfect for you!

 Sabine’s textile practice is firmly rooted in autobiographical experiences and story telling is a key part of this. Her use of previously worn textiles combines with strong graphic motifs to create emotionally impactful mixed media pieces. Sitting at the boundary of embroidery and fine art, she employs a combination of stitch, print, collage, and more recently glass, sourcing these materials from a selection of repurposed fabrics, used family garments and newly produced materials.

The Workshop

In this 2-day workshop you will create a personal collage scroll inspired by your own story. This could be a part of your life’s journey, a momentous holiday or a particular moment or period, or indeed a role, in your life. The weekend includes the opportunity to combine painting, appliqué, printing on fabric and paper, and various forms of hand stitch, embroidery, plus any optional embellishments. The workshop theme will encourage you to explore personal memories and stories combining them together, to develop your own visual language

You will design your piece with some one-to-one guidance from Sabine before incorporating layers of recycled fabrics and a final layer of hand stitching on top. Sabine will help you to experiment with different fabrics and understand their qualities; how to create texture with threads, explore simple stitches and their different configurations, and the possibilities of adding a more three-dimensional visual feel to your embroidery. She will also encourage you to look at colour choices and composition. 

During this workshop Sabine will share her inspiration and techniques inviting you to take a peek into her world of making and create a unique piece. There will be plenty of opportunities to share skills and techniques and for her to give more individual time to each participant to help them develop their textile practice. An array of materials will be available but you’re encouraged to bring some basic and personal items which may have special meanings and memories, and/or photos or drawings to work from or to inspire into your piece.

2 day workshop - 16 & 17 November 2024
10 - 4.30
£195 includes all materials & refreshments - please bring along lunch or alternatively visit one of the two Cafes on site or the  award winning farm shop.